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Young Carers Information - MAKI

For Islay:
Manager: Fiona Kalache MBE 

Mid Argyll, Tarbert & Kintyre:
Senior Youth Worker: Karen Poppleton

What will a Young Carers Worker do?

Staff work across MAKI - Mid Argyll, Islay and Kintrye to provide support to Young Carers. Staff will work with a Young Person to complete their statement, provide support or information, signpost or refer to other services if required. Staff can also support any Young Carer age 16 + to apply or have information about a Young Carers Grant.

Staff will quite often visit young people in school to complete an initial Young Carers Statement or review. For secondary age young people, they can have access to their statement via the app, they can update their statement or request a review at any time.
This will notify the Young Carers Worker who will then arrange to meet the young person in school.

Young Carers Statement

Young people will be supported to access and complete their Young Carers Statement. Young people can choose to have it with or without graphics. The questions will ask about the Young Persons interests and how they provide care.
The statement will help the Young Person to identify if and where they may need support. 
Once completed, the statement can be reviewed as often as the young person wishes.

YC app screenshot 1.jpg
YC app screenshot 2.jpg
YC app screenshot 3.jpg

More information you may find useful as well as the referral form if you or someone you know requires a Young Carers Statement.

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