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Additional Support Needs Youth Club Sessions

MAYDS originally started a block of dance therapy sessions for young people with additional support needs and disabilities back in early 2019, the young people enjoyed attending and parents told us most of their children had never had access to other activities before due to their needs. We decided we would continue with sessions and run it as youth club activities as we passionately believe that all young people should be included and have access to activities regardless of any condition a young person has.

The sessions initially began with two or three young people attending, over the years with a lot of perseverance, training, experience from working in the school learning centre and gaining the trust of families the Additional Support Needs Sessions have proven to be a valuable source of support for the children and their families.

We currently have a total of 13 young people with additional support needs across two sessions on a weekly basis. Each session provides one to one support for young people, this ensures their needs are fully met while they participate in activities they enjoy, all activities are tailored to suit their needs and abilities.

The one to one support also means parents of the young person are able to leave their child at sessions knowing they are supported and have a short break and spend time doing things they may not normally be able to do or spend quality time with other family members.

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