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Current Issues

Young people and their Mental Health 

We come across Young People on a daily basis who have various difficulties which affect their mental health. We are here to provide support, this can come in various forms such as: 

  • Making a referral to our MAYDS Counsellor Lynn - please check the Therapy tab for more information.

  • Signposting to online support.

  • Speaking to schools with the young persons consent on their behalf, the school can then refer to their counselling service.

  • Providing a safe space for young people to talk and have someone to listen to them.

  • Provide support resources to use at home.

For ages 12 - 26, questions can be asked anonymously. This also has an advice section for parents / carers as well.

If you need help to access the right support for you then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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